Wisata Edukasi Adik-adik SAD

Educational Tour for SAD Brothers and Sisters

Sunday, April 11, 2021,, brothers and sisters of brothers and sisters of Suku Anak Dalam ywho have lived in Dwi Karya Bakti village, Pelepat sub-district, Bungo regency were very enthusiastic after getting permission from their parents to join a tour. Coinciding with school holiday, faclitator invited SAD brothers and sisters from the Hari’s and Badai’s group to conduct the educational tour to Athaya Garden Tourism Park in Bungo regency. They were elementary, junior high and vocational school students which enjoyed their time by playing while learning. Therefore, this activity was educating them by showing the beauty of nature along with several types of native Indonesian plants and animals found in tourism park, so that they could ecognize them closely and observe directly.

Moreover, the group’s arrival welcomed by the park staff friendly as they received special guests, namely SAD brothers and sisters from Pelepat. They really appreciated this activity and felt proud of them whose high curiosity. By obeying the health protocols, the official park man brought them around the park to have a look and learn everything there.

They spoiled their eyes with flower gardens, cherry trees and etc. Anyway, they had a fun in learning while traveling and recognized several types of animals such as guinea fowl, rabbits, birds, and other animals. Of course, they assisted by their group leader, Temenggung Hari and Badai who accompanied them during their tour. However Badal and Kuneng were the happiest children in this tourism group, because both of them had just returned to the settlement after almost a year choosing to settle down in forest with their parents. During period of time, they left their homes, neighborhoods and schools. Almost a year, they settled down in forest which made them live were further away from the education zone where they usually experienced daily with other students to study nature in the settlements.

Before joining the tour group, Badal and Kuneng had been doubt whether to select joining or staying, but with whom they should rely on considering staying? Badal and Kuneng felt confused about the school, where they had just entered the second grade, at SD 198/II Dwi Karya Bhakti, and they would be terminated if they obeyed their parents' ego. But, on the other hand, the two choices were the same for Badal and Kuneng namely both of them dedicated to parents. Therefore, surviving with the new atmosphere without knowing when to be back and away from the crowds made their lives more independent. However, Badal and Kuneng's parents had told Badai’s temenggung to be back when they had enough money. Finally, time answered that they had to return to their settlements and go to school.

On this fun day, it looked two children were wearing the red and gray T-shirts came up to one of their assisstance, Pundi Sumatra field facilitator- Alan, and said “Sis awok aa lah belek, kamia ndok samo mikai pogi bejejelon” (Bro we have backed, we wanted to join you guys for having a tour). So, Badal and Kuneng joined the tour group. Besides, the school still tolerated Badal and Kuneng to be able to wear uniform and continue their education. On that day, all children were happy with the return of Badal and Kuneng. They seemed having a new spirit and continuing to fight for their future. So we agreed that this special day was dedicated for both of them.