Cendikia Program is a program occumulating the learning outcomes to community or partner initiatives which are then packaged in various products in the form of books, films, posters, infographics and various articles published on websites or social media channels.

Cendikia program also manages the exchange of information and knowledge between parties, ensure the best learning products can be replicated and inspire others; facilitate capacity building in internal institutions and provide capacity building for partners and stakeholders by organizing training activities, internships, comparative studies, assistance and mentoring.

Therefore, Cendikia Program moves so dynamically, providing capacity building according to the needs and problems of partners/stakeholders; which obtained through the assessment process and direct monitoring on site.

Cendekia Program also strives to keep upgrading the learning products produced in order to make them more interesting, informative and up-to-date based on the curent development. In its process, this program is so open in accepting the input, ideas, methods and strategies to support the preservation and spread the knowledge.