The idea of establishing PUNDI SUMATRA began to emerge in 2006, as a result of multi-stakeholder discussion processes in managing the Natural resources in Sumatra. On October 19, 2006, the parties consisted of NGO’s elements, People's Organizations, Research Institutes, Local Governments, Business World, and Donor Agencies which agreed to establish a Community Foundation (CF) in Sumatra under the name SSS-PUNDI SUMATRA (Sumatra Sustainable Support– Association for the Independence of Civil Society in Sumatra). This institution legally confirmed then in Certificate Notary Rahmadhani Hidayat, SH., M.Kn Number 16, dated March 18, 2009. With the main mandate of the establishment of PUNDI SUMATRA is to support communities to be able to manage and get benefit from sustainable natural resource management. 


To carry out its founding mandate, PUNDI SUMATRA focuses on working to support the development of sustainable and inclusive economy.


PUNDI SUMATRA takes on the role of being a unique non-profit organization because it works with communities, the private sector/companies, government, and other non-profit organizations in implementing the development of sustainable and inclusive economy for forest and agricultural commodities in Sumatra responsibly.


  • PUNDI SUMATRA works at various levels of the supply chain (on farm, off farm, market), but pays greater attention to the production stages and process based on a comprehensive analysis of the market and create the playground that allows business cooperation UMKM with other actor supply chain. Focus on this stage as there are farmers, forest edge communities and also millions UMKM who have various limitations to be able to play a role and receive benefits better than other supply chain actors. The focus on the supply chain is also due to various environmental problems such as biodiversity protection, forest and land degradation, forest and land fires, excessive use of chemicals, conflicts, and the direct impact of climate change.    
  • In each of its activities, PUNDI SUMATRA puts forward a strategy to develop collaboration, as grant making, and also carry out the direct implementation