Apa Kabar Badak Selatan?

How’s the Southern Rhino?

National Park of Way Kambas (TNWK)) ) with an area of 125,631.31 ha lies down at the southern part of Sumatra Island, precisely in East Lampung Regency of Lampung Province. Therefore, the western part of this conservation area is directly adjacent to local people housing called as buffer village while the eastern part is directly adjacent to the Java Sea. This tropical landscape holds biodiversity and becoming the home for several charismatic animals such as Sumatran rhino(Dicerorhinus Sumatrensis),Sumatran tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae)and Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus Sumatrensis)From the three endangered species, the Sumatran rhino has got the remarkable attention whereas its population is in a critical and endangered zone, and becoming "Critically Endangered" category wich stipulated by the IUCN (IUCN's Red List of Threatened Speciessince 1996. However, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has established an Emergency Action Plan to save the Sumatran rhino population 2018–2021, through the Decree of Director General of Natural Resource Conservation Number: SK.421/KSDAE/SET/KSA.2/12/2018 dated 6 December 2018.

Due to the release of Taman Nasional Way Kambas Center (TNWK), the population of Sumatran rhino in Way Kambas landscape is currently estimated around 18-20 individuals. The estimated population of rhinos in the wild nature is based on the result of secondary data analysis in the form of traces, twists, dung, food scraps, and puddles. Meanwhile, from camera trap monitoring, the Sumatran rhino was last seen in 2019, until now no rhino has been found in Way Kambas visually. This is obviously very worrying considering that there are only 7 individuals in the Sumatra Rhino Sanctuary (SRS).

In 2021 for Grant Cycle 7, the Consortium of Indonesian Rhino Foundation (YABI) and Aliansi Lestari Rimba Terpadu (ALeRT) have received financial support from Tropical Forest Conservation Actionn (TFCA Sumatera)for Program of Habitat Rescue and Sumatran Rhino Population(Dicerorhinus Sumatrensis),as much Rp. 16,487,570,850 in National Park of Way Kambas and National Park of South Bukit Barisan (TNBBS). However, Pundi Sumatra as the Facilitator in southern and middle part is an extension of the TFCA Sumatra Administrator, mandated to assist and monitor the partner programs, including Consortium YABI-AleRT which will implement 4 main programs, as follows:

  1. Rescuing the Sumatran Rhino in TNBBS by capturing and transferring all individuals to the TNWK SRS.
  2. Securing the Sumatran Rhino population and its habitat in TNWK through super intensive patrols.
  3. Making an effort to increase the genetic variability of 3 Sumatran rhinos (2 females and 1 male) in SRS TNWK.
  4. Developing the Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART).

The most realistic effort to be done at this time is to focus on saving the rhino population and habitat in Way Kambas. Therefore this activity is done considering to the rhino population is threatened extinct, while there are only 7 rhinos for the population in Sumatra Rhinos Sanctuary. The effort to regenerate is being struggled even though the genetic variability is relatively low, considering 5 from 7 rhinos are close relatives. TFCA-Sumatra's support is a form of commitment to rediscover rhinos in their habitat and preserve its remaining. Large financial support, expert involvement, and collaboration from competent parties are expected to save the remaining rhino population.