Transformasi Suku Anak Dalam (SAD)

Transformation Suku Anak Dalam (SAD)

Cheerful cheers from the tiny bodies behind the leaves sounds still loud, their hand waving always becomes the first greeting for visiting, and natural thoughts never change from time to time. Those things make them unique, deep meaningful, a group of indigenous people who have their own values and culture among society in general. Suku Anak Dalam/Orang Rimba who live in Kelukup ward, Dwi Karya Bhakti Village, Pelepat District, Bungo Regency, Jambi Province, seems to have entered a new phase of life. Farming, raising livestock, and own a smoked fish home industry indicates them to have getting developed, independent, integrated and be able to adapt to surroundings.

From point of education view, since the population identity especially for SAD Hari and Badai members in 2015 has been facilitated by Pundi Sumatra, as an initial administrative requirement to reach all government services in this case education, almost every year at least 2-5 children have the opportunity to be registered to elemantary school and started the formal education whereas so far 22 children are currently pursuing their respective educational paths. Hence, it is highly expected the government's concern as SAD community in Dwi Karya Bhakti village still in a limited environmental zone particularly in pandemic which keeps continuing without being unpredictable when it will last.

Of course, this situation makes it hard for all students who are currently studying at their respective schools. If the pandemic lasts in a long period of time, we will never know the impact of online learning system for them. However, behind the limitations of this system, it is expected no more inhibiting factors that can interfere the students through this online learning.

Such as SAD Dwi Karya Bakti village’s children and tenagers experienced which become the main factor when online learning namely the limited use of cell phones as no power in the settlement so that they found difficulty to increase the battery power. However, relying on solar panels is not enough to accommodate all the people needs, especially if the energy stored is highly depend on the weather. With conditions like this, it is not uncommon for SAD people take a stay to local villagers to charge their cellphones for their children's needs to school and charge flashlights which will be the only light for the house at night.

Belajar tanpa listrik
Kondisi anak SAD saat belajar tanpa listrik. Foto: Dokumentasi Pundi Sumatra

It has been eight years for SAD Hari and Badai members which consist of 40 families in their settlement without power. Complete darkness has made them united every night. Anyway, there is no other reason, they just expect to the people in charge to answer this problem. Therefore, the electricity influences on society development in one area both in terms of human resources and natural resources. Even in remote areas people are able to access the world through this power. Nevertheless, it's hard to imagine how to continue the daily life without this important energy.

So, in the middle of September 2020, we (Pundi Sumatra’s facilitator) has accompanied Tumenggung Hari to implement forum group discussion with all stakeholder due to the power supply in SAD settlement which it was found that the electricity pole has been constructed since 2018. Thus, after having this discussion finally the technical team from state electricity company came to have a visit to the people in 2020. Anyway, SAD people thought current, cable and amperage would be realized for the installation soon to each house. And they were also directed to administration regarding to the installation of subsidized amperage. However, their coming at that time not to complete the remaining work. The technical team just installed the electric current cable and put on one amperage in village meeting hall just for the certain purpose. But it was found this amparage could not be activated so that it seemed just for decoration. Based on further information from local village government due to the installation of amperage to each house, people should awaiting for a special program from the central government. So, through this news, SAD people should be patient in awaiting the government’s promise.

Meanwhile, another reason concerned to the common interest due to the power in SAD settlements that the unused public facilities and infrastructure such as communal toilets, meeting halls, prayer rooms, learning house and production house of smoked fish. If these facilities have not worked anymore, the components/tools contained in each of them would have been damaged. As many complaints from SAD people made Pundi Sumatra field staff has to find out the solution and take the immediate action.

So, by rellying on one activated amperage, we then tried to communicate with all people to solve out the problems about what facility to be distributed the electricity later. Finally it was agreed that the electrical current would be distributed to some infra structure facilities namely prayer room, learning house, meeting hall and some people houses. As the limitation of power, it could not be supported to distribute current to all houses. And when the amperage has been successfully repaired and the electric current has been distributed, they got a good impact especially on children and adolescents who go to school. Having a stable electrical energy to support school needs, the use of the prayer room has also become more active and natural school activities in the learning house have been used at night. And it is not neccessary to call the children again to gather in one place, as the lighting in learning house has backed to be active so that they came there by themselves to learn at night.

Based on this story, we can conclude that SAD people has initiative and self-help capacity to consider the important thing whereas those are the indicators of independence and success, the empowerment of community in one area which have succeeded in optimizing opportunities within limitations. However, we cannot determine the direction of change that will occur in society, but providing the skills and knowledge to SAD people will save their life later when the forest will no longer be able to answer their wishes.