Cerita perjalanan Seri Santoso, remaja Suku Anak Dalam yang lulus menjadi anggota Polri

The Success Story of Seri Santoso, a teenager from Suku Anak Dalam becoming a member of the Indonesian National Police

Seri Santoso, is the eldest son from the couple of Tutik (mother) and Perencam (father), Suku Anak Dalam (SAD) Tribe who lives in Dwi Karya Bhakti Village, Pelepat, Bungo Regency. Seri finished high school about 2 years ago. After graduating from school he had high desire to become an Indonesian National Army (TNI) and wanted to dedicate himself completely to serve the country.

His daily life after graduating from school began to a better life, he tried to reduce the unnecessary interactions, for example: Seri began to be active and concerned with the environment around. He thought that if his life continued without the unuseful activity and never started a movement to raise awareness for the people around.

By questioning in his mind: ”How long will they be able to survive for the current hard life whereas pandemic situation that never ends?” Whereas its consequency, the community has got dfficulty to find forest products to be sold for their daily needs.

However, Seri kept helping the efforts to increase the social development in area where he lives, starting from teaching children, helping the community's agricultural activities, animal husbandry, and etc. But in addition to his daily activities, he still dreamt to become a civil servantin future. Despite living in a small rural village, Seri went to the provincial city with great intentions and hopes. The 19-year-old man started his initial struggle by registering as a prospective TNI in mid-2020. After joining a series of competition test stages, he was declared not eligible to become a soldier finally.

Seri was declared failed, he should learn and practiced harder to prepare for the next year's admission selection. This failure was actually a wake-up call for him to start and try again and not to lock himself for being sad for a long time. Therefore, a few months later, Seri received good news from Pundi Sumatera. While the collaboration result between Pundi Sumatra and Universitas Muhammadiyah Jambi, offered him to continue his study for higher education. Although he still got the dilemma to be a soldier, Seri felt happy for this golden opportunity.

However, Seri has never thought to continue his education to university, and this was certainly becoming an extraordinary achievement for him to be able to continue his education in his limitations. Seri tried to develop himself by having new spirit to find a way to reach his goals.

Through the MoU between University Muhammadiyah Jambi and Pundi Sumatra, Seri Santoso_PundiSumatra

Seri was introduced as new students in October 2020. Various local medias also published good news for Seri,a Suku Anak Dalam teenager was going to learn at a government university. The people around him also felt happy and proud of this achievement. Of course, undertaking online lecture activities due to the pandemic situation which unsupport face to face lectures did not make him negligent to join each online schedule.

Seri seemed active and enjoyed learning, he showed his capability and kept learning. After the sevent month study period, he received information from the Pelepat Police regarding to the admission of National Indonesian Police members for 2021. However,there was a regional sub tribal line in prospective recruitment members of the National Police. The regional police of Jambi provided special chance for youth from remote tribal areas to take part in the selection process without promising to pass which means they had to prepare themselves to reach their goal.

Hearing this good news, Seri felt challenged and revived his old passion to become a civil servant. Fortunately, during the selection process, he still kept learning in university as lectures were still online. As soon as, his self confidence to join the selection process become bigger and bigger.He kept practicing and learning more in order to maximize every stage of test that will be joined later. Seri went back to Jambi city to verify his documents and continued the selection process which wass still ongoing. After arriving in Jambi, he found that there were only three teenagers registered and joined the selection from remote tribal area.

Seeing the lesser competitor, Seri tried to maximize all his capability and trained harder to be the best among other participants. Each test stage wass passed by him successfully which the result would be accumulated from all scores were obtained from the entire series of competition tests which carried out previously, and these results would be announced in July 2021.

Last mid of May, with several reasons and considerations due to the difficult situation, Seri decided to quit his studies early. Then this confession made some parties surprised and asked for his reason. In fact, the results of the police test not been officially announced. But after being traced, it found that due to the current situation forced him to focus on one goal.

July 22, 2021 was the final determination and would be announced on live streamingAccompanied by Pundi Sumatra’s facilitator, Seri rushed to the palm plantation to get a stable internet network so that he could watch the announcement until finished. Finally, he found himself was declared successfully and entitled to join the education for the formation of police candidates at Government Police School (SPN) Jambi. Therefore, Seri’s success was the result of his hard work who never stoppped fighting and always done his best at each oppurtunity. In future, Seriis expected to be a source of inspiration person that should be imitated for other SAD younger siblings who are struggling to get an education. In order they can continue going to school, making their parents proud and changing SAD's mindset to give a positive impact on the people there.