Produk Makanan Pertama Dari Suku Anak Dalam

The first food product from Suku Anak Dalam

The threat of bankruptcy keeps haunting the business world of Covid-19 pandemic. This situation has hit not only home business but almost all business sectors. This condition threatens to even cause some companies to end up bankrupt as they are unable to meet their debt obligations. Although there is a debt restructuring policy to tax incentives, but the reaction is temporary without stopping the spread of Corona virus.

In fact, the business world such as hotel industry, tourism and restaurant becoming the sector worst which is affected by COVID-19 pandemic. From small to large scale companies have also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The social restriction policy, an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19 actually has an impact on decreasing demand for goods, as well as hampering production or investment activities. Anyway, the currently situation is so concerned which raises many social problems in society.

However, not a few people are also brave enough to start a business when the pandemic situation is not over. Suku Anak Dalam/SAD village of Dwi Karya Bhakti, Bungo Regency, apparently have just released a food product branded “Mina Hasop Eluk.” It consists of three syllables, , namely Mina (Latin) which means fish, Hasop (SAD language ) which means smoke, then Eluk (SAD language) which means good. This product is the same as salai fish, which means fish that is processed using salt, vinegar then it is smoked and in order to make the fish meat cooked using an oven container for sometime, and then let them dry in the sun. Actually, for all of us who have heard this good news, don't doubt the quality of the products produced by SAD people, because all processes starting from the selected material, fish processing to packaging always use the hygienic tools and materials.

Therefore, there is a little story behind this first product of SAD in Dwi Karya Bhakti village, Bungo Regency. SAD people have been carrying out the fish farming activity during three years starting from tarpaulin, fiber and ground pool. Each stage of its activity, they got pretty satisfaction harvesting. And from the three deep pools measuring 15 x 20 meters, in September 2020, obtained catfish seeds from Fisheries and Freshwater Cultivation Center (BPBAT) Sungai Gelam, Jambi. So, regarding on this, SAD people want to try expanding the alternative business in the fisheries sector. Through the SUDUNG program, Pundi Sumatra provided the intense assistance on the activity entitled smoked fish production. This initiative was initiated in 2020 with the aim to increase the products selling value so that the income of SAD people can also increase. Of course it will also start introducing SAD to recognize the business world.

Ikan Asap Produk Makanan Pertama Dari Suku Anak Dalam
Doc Pundi Sumatra: First Product from Suku Anak Dalam

The existence of smoked fish groups was successfully formed through forum discussion between community facilitators and SAD cadres. This group has passed through several important stages, starting from creating a group structure, conducting comparative studies, coordinating with many parties related to business activities and conducting product practice for many times. Behind the product "Mina Hasop Eluk" was got the role of extraordinary members who kept working hard. They were local SAD cadres in Dwi Karya Bhakti village namely Amira, Juliana, Siska, Seri, and Fahmi where they always took part actively in every activity.

Meanwhile, the support and attention from Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries of Bungo Regency cannot be neglected for this success. Not only in the form of physical assistance such as the fishery business facilities, but the office is also opening the way in product marketing and facilitating the groups to get a sample test of the feasibility of processed products to the relevant agencies. Of course, the group’ success in producing smoked fish especially is not without challenges. Many practices carried out by group members and still it has not meet expectations and standards yet.

However, this condition actually made the group more motivated and the practice of smoked fish became more routine to be done. They continued to learn, conclude the results of previous practice and evaluate the mistakes that have occurred. Slowly, the group began finding automatically the suitable smoking techniques and were believed to have met the specified standards.

The word consistent will more accurately describe a long process during practice as well as a lesson for the group in starting a business. Now the product "Mina Hasop Eluk" has been existed in the community. Hopefully this product can be accepted and able to compete in local markets and become a trigger for people's economic growth.