Kopi Petik Merah dari Serampas

The Red Picked Coffee from Serampas

The production house of Serampas Coffee stands among the local people’s houses in Rantau Kermas Village, Jangkat District, Merangin Regency, Jambi. It is one of the village owned businesses (BUMDes) of Rantau Kermas which was formed in 2015 by a group which managed the customary forest. BUMDes and custom forest are KKI Warsi’s program supported by TFCA Sumatera which monitored and assisted by Pundi Sumatera.

Since the business of Serampas Coffee has been formed, therefore its main duty is to increase the coffee production capacity and quality of Rantau Kermas farmers. Beside that, Serampas Coffee also takes part to explore the national market which introduces the coffee has good quality and taste. And in March 2020 through TFCA-Sumatra‘s funding, Serampas Coffee began to improve itself by constructing a drying house/green houseWhereas it aims to accommodate the harvest of red pickled/red cherry from coffee farmers in Rantau Kermas who have started showing the positive results after joining the socialization process about cultivation, harvesting, and post-harvest processing within a period of five years.

However it is found the new problem, namely when the red picked coffee from Rantau Kermas’ farmers is getting more and more, the production house of Serampas Coffee has been unable to buy all harvests due to budget constraints. So, in August 2020, TFCA-Sumatra provided the funding in form of capital for Serampas Coffee production house that directly used to purchase the red picked coffee from 80 farmers. Meanwhile the main supplier who has built a partnership with Serampas Coffee production house is the women’s group farmer of Hutan Lestari with 28 members. The pay cash purchasing is so important because it can break one market chain whose dominant role play: namely collectors. But one of weaknesses for this point is no shorting process to coffee harvest as the collectors just concerned with its quantity. So that Serampas coffee has its own taste and is sold to national market as conventional coffee which is treated carelessly. Besides, the prices offered by collectors are also less competitive, tending to be below market prices. With the opportunity to break the market chain, the production house of Serampas Coffee has now marketed its products to Melati Swalayan in Bangko district, and it has a cooperation agreement with company of PT. Sari Tirta Indonesia in Jakarta.

This is one of the reasons why the coffee business unit must exist in Rantau Kermas vilage. Cash purchasing for red picked coffee with competitive prices are clearly very helpful for farmers. In addition, the process of sorting green beans can also be a side job for women who do not go to the garden. By increasing the income of coffee farmers from the sale of red pickled coffee /red cherry and getting the additional income from the manual sorting process, it is expected that particularly the coffee farmer’s economy and Rantau Kermas villagers in general will be getting better and more prosperous. Indeed the economy is a very vital sector, and the reason of the villagers to open up new land in the national park area can also include economy.

Therefore, the TFCA-S support through KKI Warsi's programs in Rantau Kermas village is one of the funding for Serampas Coffee production which is clearly helpful for farmers. So, by Cash purchasing to crops and making socialization about coffee cultivation, villagers can increase their income with the existing land and keep maintaining the preservation of customary forests so that pressure on Kerinci Seblat National Park can be reduced.